What Is An Extraterrestrialist?

Extraterrestrialists (otherwise known as believers of Extraterrestrialism) range from those who believe in the theory of Extraterrestrialism to be plausible, to those who believe the theory is a part of the history of man-kind. Extraterrestrialists believe that human life stemmed from ancient alien intervention and evolution. Extraterrestrialists are proud to believe in what they do. They do not sell their religion to others, nor do they pressure others to convert to Extraterrestrialism. This religion (and its followers) does not discriminate from gender, sexual orientation, race, ability/ disability, language, knowledge, age, etc. This is an open minded society where theories and conundrums are weighed; where anything is possible and impossible. Extraterrestrialists do not know the exact details of how they came to be and their relationship to aliens- they only have an idea of what happened as revolutionary evidence is still being found today and tomorrow,


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